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The ultimate solution to expensive, inaccessible private practice and long NHS waiting lists!

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9:00 - 20:00

9:00 - 20:00

9:00 - 20:00

9:00 - 20:00

9:00 - 20:00




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Initial Injury Assessment & Treatment (60min) - £45

This is typically used for a first appointment in order to diagnose the injury so that we are able to treat the injury appropriately and plan rehabilitation programmes effectively.

Video Injury Assessment (30min) - £30

An additional option for an initial injury assessment designed for those who don't have the time to visit the clinic.


This is not necessarily as effective as face to face assessment and If we deem that your injury is in need of a more detailed assessment, you may be advised to attend a face to face assessment.


You will only be required to pay the extra £15 towards your face to face assessment (DON'T NEED TO PAY FOR A WHOLE NEW SESSION).

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Follow-Up Treatment (30/60min) - £30/£45

This would typically be a return visit having previously had an injury assessment before receiving specific treatment for your injury's needs.

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Sports Massage (30/60min) - £30/£45
Medical Acupuncture (30min/60min) - £30/£45
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Gym Based Injury Rehabilitation (60min) - £45

- Prevent Injury
- Improve Recovery Time
- Improve Range of Movement
- Improve Performance
- Promote Healing

- Scar tissue remodelling
- Relieve Pain
- Reduce Muscle Spasm
- Reduce Waste Products

Medical Acupuncture, also known as Dry Needling, is an evidence based approach used in multiple environments including profesional sports. Benefits include:

- Decreased muscle pain

- Help to restore muscle activation

- Improve ROM & flexibility

- Reduce tissue sensitivity in chronic    pain / Fibromyalgia

- Relaxes muscle

- Scar tissue remodelling

We have access to Hidden Strength's top of the range gym equipment to help facilitate your injury rehabilitation! Gym based rehabilitation is offered to clients as appropriate.

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Jack Laurie founded J.L. Sports Injury Services in 2017.


With a BSc Hons in Sports Rehabilitation, Jack has worked for a number of sports clubs including Castleford Tigers R.L.F.C. as well as Leicester Tigers. During this time he worked with both the first team as well as the academy, taking injured players and rehabilitating them through injury using state of the art rehabilitation facilities.

" I firmly believe that not only elite level athletes should have access to such services however I acknowledge that such services come at a high price. J.L. Sports Injury Services aims to  provide a quality injury management, treatment and rehabilitation service whilst making it as accessible as possible."

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"Professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Great value for money and really felt like I was going to see results from the treatment. Definitely recommend" - Tracey Smith

"Great professional service from Jack. Would definitely recommend him. Very knowledgeable and looking forward to working with him to help sort my rotator cuff injury out. Thanks mate" - Rob Nichol

"I can’t lie, I swore at him twice, but what a huge difference the treatment makes! I have high end hypermobility syndrome & Jack really understands the added stress the condition puts on my muscles. Highly recommend." - Katie Mills

"Brilliant Massage, Very happy with results 5 Star!" - Tracey Robson

"Jack hit the trouble spot right away and provided good advice for after care exercises" - Trevor Parish

"Very pleasant and professional. Good communicator and knowlegable. No pain, no gain. Got in deep to my problem. Recommended" - David Hines



Located behind the Gosforth Hotel, in the new private training fitness facility; Hidden Strength, this is a new venue for J.L. Sports Injury Services and it is ideal for one to one injury rehab sessions, treatment and management. The nearest Parking is in Salters Road car park. Check out Hidden strength below.


Hidden Strength

Lansdowne Court


Newcastle upon Tyne



United Kingdom

Contact Details:

Tel: 07460937648


Facebook: J.L. Sports Injury Services

Instagram: JLSportsInjuryServices


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